Businesses recognize that engaged, top employees are the lifelines of an organization. They support a company’s goals, vision and brand and drive business and promote innovation. Given that competition has increased to attract the right candidate, businesses need an HR recruiting expert who can help sort through the litany of job candidates to hire the best.

Let us help you find your next top employee by providing the following services:

  1. Meeting with management to determine the characteristics and job skills needed for the open position(s).
  2. Posting the job description(s) to appropriate classified websites and other job finding sources.
  3. Sorting through all applicants to invite the best for an interview.
  4. Developing behavioral based interview questions that fit in accordance with the expectations for the job and the culture of your company.
  5. Facilitating phone screening of all candidates and face-to-face interviews to determine the final candidates for selection by management.

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